Ready for todays Carnival Parade, there is room for everyone, says the Mayor; after removing 2,500 illegal chairs from the Malecon


The Municipal Public Security Secretariat, supported the work of official office this afternoon before the start of the first carnival parade by the Del Mar Avenue, the mayor Luis Guillermo Torres Benitez, who led the tour of the Malecon where they are installed plastic chairs for those who intend to observe the parade, but who profit from this free activity for visitors. 

2,500 chairs were withdrawals by orders Mayor Luis Guillermo Benitez Torres, who with the support of Secretary of Municipal Public Security, Ricardo Olivo Cruz, and elements of the Secretariat and Oficialía made the operation to make way for visitors and locals

This noble action by Mayor Luis Guillermo Benítez Torres, with the support of the Ministry of Public Security, was applauded by those who arrived at the site in search of a site to admire the parade, as it is free.

“Come. There is space for everyone. To see the parade comfortably. Take advantage of this opportunity. The bathrooms are also free. In the cross streets there are open spaces so they do not have any problem. Cheer up Carnival will be beautiful, “said Luis Guillermo Benítez Torres.

Source: Ras Noticias

The Mazatlan Post