Hacker Tech Schools established in Sinaloa


Preparation for the real world.

Hackademy is located in 6 cities of the republic and continues to grow to reach more people seeking to compete in one of the fastest growing industries in the world.

One of the industries with the highest growth and impact is being affected by the deficit of people trained and with the necessary knowledge to face the challenges that arise in the new economy.

This is why Mexican entrepreneurs have created Hackademy, an intensive 14-week training during which participants practice developing real projects. This allows them to gain experience and improve their skills.

While the participants develop the project, they receive help from mentors who work in the leading companies in this industry.

Hackademy is about to start its new generation where it will have the following programs: Back End Web Programming, Front End Web Programming, Android Programming, User Experience and Project Management.

If you are studying your last year of career, if you want to update yourself or if you are looking to improve your employment opportunities Hackademy is one more option you can find in: Mazatlan, Culiacán, Los Mochis, Tijuana and Mexico City

Source: Sel,  www . hackademy . mx

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