Mazatlan is a creative city in gastronomy: Unesco


Carlos Tejeda said that the port has three gastronomic regions: the valley, the mountain and the coast, which gives a rich variation of dishes.

Mazatlan, Sinaloa.- The port has all the requirements to be part of the network of creative cities of Unesco, which would fit into the gastronomic category, since it is rich in its culinary variety as it combines three regions: valley, sierra and coast, explained Carlos Tejeda.

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The Coordinator of the Culture Sector of the Unesco Office in Mexico, stated that in order to potentiate social, cultural, educational, economic and sustainable development, experts from the region were gathered to hold the second consultative workshop to devise a plan with strategies that make these needs a reality within 4 years.

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“Mazatlan is already a creative city in gastronomy, because what these teams have been talking about is that Mazatlán is a paradigmatic case of Sinaloa gastronomy.”

He commented that once this work is completed by the two consultative teams, Mazatlan would enter into a network with 180 creative cities in the world, with which it will be able to carry out a cultural exchange and elevate the value chain of the destination, which in case of Port is a developed factor.

The second workshop organized by Unesco on the candidacy of Mazatlan as a Creative City took place on Tuesday morning and was attended by academics, chefs, presidents of business chambers and cultural agents.

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