Mexico: Beat, the new private transport service of Mercedes-Benz


The threat to Uber arrived, Beat offers a private transport service. The German company specializing in luxury transport arrives in Mexico with this novelty, courtesy of the manufacturer Mercedes-Benz.

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The transport service in CDMX is one of the most important, but it will not be so easy to compete against Uber, the company that leads the city.

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The brand already has presence on social networks where they announce their arrival with totally different services benefiting especially the drivers.

It is estimated that the profit per driver is 30 thousand pesos per week, only for the first conduits that request to join the company fulfilling the requested characteristics. This registration can be done through website or phone numbers.

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The company says it has everything necessary to position itself as number one in this market in less than 3 years.

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Source: Robb Report

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