Cruise Ship ‘Artania’ arrives for the first time to Mazatlan


MAZATLÁN.- With 843 passengers and 545 crew members arrived this morning for the first time to Mazatlan the tourist cruise “Artania”, coming from Cabo San Lucas.

The undersecretary of Tourism Promotion and Operation of Sectur Sinaloa, Sylvia Ruiz Coppel, gave a warm welcome to the visitors, and together with the Director of Special Projects of the Sectur, Alfonso Gil Díaz, presented a plaque of recognition to Captain Robert C. Fronenbroek , for his first visit to this port.

Also, there was José Luis Silva, of the Integral Port Administration (API), and the shipping agent Adriana Orona.
The boat arrived at approximately 8:00 a.m. from the pier of the API, and according to its itinerary through the Pacific Ocean, it will leave for Acapulco, Guerrero, at 6:00 p.m.

After receiving the authorization to descend, visitors took the opportunity to make tours of the different points of tourist interest in the city, as well as El Quelite, La Noria, Copala and Concordia, among others.
It is noteworthy that the cruise travel a group of Germans who will make a documentary with Onca Explorations, the different points of attraction to tourists in Mazatlan and its surroundings, as well as whale watching, to be broadcast on the official television of Germany.
So far this year, 23 tourist cruises have arrived in Mazatlan, with more than 81 thousand visitors.


The Mazatlan Post