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Durango-Mazatlán superhighway cost ten times more than it should, accuses AMLO

During his visit to El Salto, Durango, President Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador, accused that the Durango-Mazatlan highway cost ten times more than what he owed and added that this is due to the corruption that prevailed in the previous administration.

President Andrés Manuel López Obrador accused that the highway from Durango to Mazatlán cost 10 times more than it owed for corruption. At the beginning of the Sembrando Vida program in the municipality of El Salto, in Durango, he maintained that this route is probably the most expensive in the world.

“The highway from Durango to Mazatlan, of course, is a great work, but it cost 10 times more than it should have cost, it is the most expensive highway in the world because of corruption,” he said.

The President said that in previous administrations there was a bad habit of charging, for example, 500 million pesos for a work that cost 100 million. 

“It was the cancer that was destroying the country,” AMLO said about corruption.

Lopez Obrador promised that this will be finished and the budget will be enough to fulfill all the commitments.

In addition, announced an investment of 200 billion pesos on roads of the entity.

For his event today, the President traveled on the Durango-Mazatlán highway, considered the largest and most innovative public works of recent years in Mexico and questioned by its construction time and the cost of its maintenance.

It is estimated that all roads cost a total of 28 billion pesos, according to the Ministry of Communications and Transportation, and it is still under construction.

In the act, María Luisa Albores, Secretary of Welfare, highlighted the start of the Sembrando Vida program in Durango, with 25 thousand hectares this year in 526 locations.

By 2020, he said, will be another 25 thousand hectares, for a total of 50 thousand in that entity.

In his turn, Governor José Rosas Aispuro said that the President confirmed that the National Forestry Commission will have its headquarters in that state.

Source: El Debate

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