Mexican Women in Real Estate Development


During this panel, we talked about the experience, opportunities, and challenges that women in the real estate sector have had to face. It was attended by Gina Diez Barroso, CEO of Grupo Diarq ; Carmina Zamorano , General Director and founder of Carnan Properties ; Claudia Ávila, General Director of AMPIP ; Cristina Porras, Director of Mortgage Credit Banregio and Inés Prieto, Director of the Real Estate division of Mercado Libre México ; as moderator Guillermo Almazo, Publisher & CEO Inmobiliare Magazine.

FROM LEFT TO RIGHT: Guillermo Almazo, Publisher & CEO Inmobiliare Magazine; Cristina Porras, director of Crédito Hipotecario BANREGIO; Carmina Zamorano, general director and founder Carnan Properties; Claudia Ávila, general director AMPIP; Gina Diez Barroso, Chief Executive Officer of the Diarq Group and Inés Prieto, commercial director of the Real Estate Market Free Mexico division.

1.- “I thought that my greatest passion was the partitions, since I was a child I thought that was until I turned 40, at that time I decided that I had to leave a legacy in my country , I have always considered that education is the basis of all […] I founded a university ( Dalia Empower ) that had initiatives of finance and entrepreneurship so that the creative came out with a real economy, “said Gina Diez Barroso, CEO of Grupo Diarq .

2.- Manuel Rivero, CEO of Grupo Financiero Banregio realized that in addition to being an ethical issue equity is profitable, “we have made a fairly strong investment in trying to put a flat floor (men and women) and has been both internally and externally from the bank,“said Cristina Porras, Director of Mortgage Credit Banregio.

3 .- “In my career I have not had this part of gender inequality, in fact I have felt one more man at the negotiating tables […] what I have realized is that the worst enemy of women are we ourselves, goes in the sense that we lose the strength to leave our comfort zoneand go for more, “said Carmina Zamorano, CEO and founders of Carnan Properties .

Offices of 
Carnan Properties

4.- “I consider that the competition is not by gender but by talent; I have never faced an issue of gender discrimination, if I have had to compete for talent and take exams to win places, “said Claudia Ávila, General Director of AMPIP.

5.- Gina Diez Barroso says that when she works in her real estate developments she faces different scenarios in which she has to give a solution, for example, to the best location, the extension of the departments, the speed of sale of the property ; what leads her to know what are her limits to handle the circumstance like any man.

Offices Diarq Group

6.- “In Mercado Libre we began to see that the decision makers are women, especially in the areas of purchasing or moving a department,” said Inés Prieto, Director of the Real Estate division of Mercado Libre México.

7.- “Women and men are born with the same power, but for cultural and educational reasons, men exercise it, recognize it and take ownership of power because they have it, they walk, they work and nobody takes it away from them; On the other hand, the women who are born with this power because of someone else’s problems do not recognize it, “said Gina Diez Barroso, CEO of Grupo Diarq.

8 .- In terms of balance of opportunities for men and women, “depends on the sector, in which I develop that is the industrial sector there is a high incidence of men … there are times that companies are familiar, usually patriarchy was the that developed the whole business “commented Claudia Ávila, General Director of the AMPIP.

Industrial park, AMPIP

9.- “In matters of Marketing it is inevitable , if a campaign is going to talk about gender equity, if it will talk about why they are addressing those diversity needs that make us more profitable than they do in numbers based on where there is no difference in terms of payment, that there is no difference in terms of who is promoted or who is hired, “said Inés Prieto, Director of the Real Estate division of Mercado Libre México.

10.- “There is a study by McKenzie from the year 2017 that says that the top quartile of gender equity in companies are 21% more profitable […] In Banregio there is a diploma for women, there are many conferences that help to give empowerment to the people who work within this branch, “said Cristina Porras, Director of Mortgage Credit Banregio.

This is a fragment of the article  Opportunities and uncertainty in the face of political changes in Mexico,  from the 111 edition

Source: Inmobiliare

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