Mazatlan a favorite destination for TV and movie creators


The Mayor attends the claquetazo of the series ‘The Last Dragon’, which has been recorded in Mazatlan for a week

Industria cinematográfica y televisiva, excelente nicho a desarrollar en Mazatlán: Químico Benítez(Foto: Cortesía)

Mazatlan.- The port has become a place of interest for those who produce television series and films, so the Municipal Government headed by the chemist Luis Guillermo Benítez Torres, will seek to develop and take advantage of that niche through various strategies.

The Municipal President of Mazatlan assured that, if necessary, it would seek to create infrastructure for that industry, as well as a special window to assist those wishing to record some production in the port.

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” We are going to make a special window to serve all the people of that medium who want to come and invest in Mazatlan (…) it will compete with Desarrollo Económico (…) if necessary we would do it (create infrastructure for that industry) I believe which is an excellent niche not only for local economic income, but for the promotion of the city, “he explained.

El Químico Benítez added that they will also seek to work hand in hand with Durango authorities, who have more experience in the film industry, so that both destinations benefit.

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“Today we talk with people who are doing this in Durango, we are going to make an agreement so that as productions are made there, they are here, if they occupy forest is Durango, if they occupy the beach destination is Mazatlan (…) remember that they are going very much in front of us in terms of filming movies, in fact the Tourism Secretary said he was going to improve all the forums he has for this, well, we are going to take advantage of Mazatlan as well, “he said.

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He revealed that soon an English production will begin at the port of a director who lives in Los Angeles and who comes to film in Mazatlan and Durango , which will leave an economic profit of up to 25 million pesos in the municipality.

On Tuesday morning, Benítez Torres went to La Marina Mazatlán, where he gave the claquetazo for the television series “El Último Dragón”, and there he met with his Secretary of Economic Development and Tourism, David González Torrentera; with the film director, Leigh Marling and the producer Sergio Gutiérrez.

Source: El Debate

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