Nike Calls For Latinas To ‘Just Do It’ For The First Time In Their Advertising History With Powerful New Ad


As one of the most recognized brand slogans across the globe, Nike’s 30-year old ‘Just Do It’ campaign has always resonated clearly with its audience. It’s a slogan many of us can recall hearing on the fields of our little leagues as kids, in classrooms from teachers, and even seeing made up into memes on Twitter. Still, no matter the setting or medium, Nike’s motto has always clearly been a call to action, not just to think about greatness but to act for it. Now, the classic motto is lending itself to the women of Mexico for inspiration.

In a country so prominently dominated by machismo, Nike’s latest ad uses “Just Do It” to call on women to take their human potential and let it take flight.

Nike’s latest ad comes straight out of Mexico and acts as a 21st-century feminist call to action.

“Juntas Imparables” (Just Do It) is Nike’s first ever Just Do It campaign in Mexico that is made solely for a female audience. The ad beckons women in Mexico, and across Latin America, to take hold of the Nike slogan and reclaim it as their own. Instead of a trademark used to encourage consumers to harness the Nike sneaker for their own athletic achievements, “Juntas Imparables” tells women that the qualities of athleticism (strength and agility) which the Nike slogan promotes can be used to empower women. With strength and agility, women can hurdle themselves forward to success, they can band together to achieve their greatest goals. All they need is to just do it.

The new Nike video commercial starts with an apocalyptic style traffic jam in Mexico City. A girl sits miserably in the traffic with her family as her extremely polished mother attempts to put hairspray into her curls and is fortunately saved when she catches sight of a women running through the jampacked cars. The girl launches herself from the car and joins the woman in her unknown chase, calling for the other girls beside her in the car to “vamos!” Soon enough, more and more women are joining their sprint including some of the biggest athletes in the game. Soccer player Nayeli Rangel races through the streets alongside gymnast Alexa Moreno, basketball player Casandra Ascencio and boxer Mariana Juárez. All of the women get to show off their skills while laying waste to those on the streets who attempt to keep them from moving forward.

Just like the girl’s call to “vamos,” Nike’s latest ad calls on women to aim for their goals, be bold, and propel themselves forward just like their male counterparts have so long been encouraged to do.

Check out the empowering ad below!

By Alex Portée

Source: Fierce

The Mazatlan Post