Russian off-road vehicle promotes Mexican beaches (Video)


The UAZ Hunter stars in a campaign to promote tourism in Baja California. The truth is that the place and the car are a perfect combination. Enjoy!

These powerful SUVs are able to move through the most remote places, either in Siberia or deep in the Mexican jungle.

The Russian manufacturer UAZ (Automobile Factory Ulyanov, for its acronym in Russian)  came to Mexico officially in 2018 and is making its way into the truck market. The director of the company, Andréi Doroféiev, is optimistic about the prospects. In addition to the Hunter, other models such as Patrol, Pick Up and Profi are also available.

Here is another example of Russian traveling through Mexico.

“Yes, there are plans. They are interested in the Latin American market and see Mexico as a potential to make a light assembly as a first stage, that is, to bring all the unarmed cars and here the last assembly is made. Is to serve the Latin American market , “he  said to The Financial  Gabriel Quintana, CEO of UAZ Mexico.

This is the UAZ Hunter.

And the fact is that Russian SUVs are present in many Latin American countries such as Bolivia, Haiti, Costa Rica, Nicaragua, Paraguay or Cuba.

Here you can see other Soviet vehicles.

Source: russia beyond

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