The strategic highway from Topolobampo – Chihuahua- Dallas seeks budget appoval


The strategic development project has been promoted for many years and is seen not only as the road junction of Sinaloa and Chihuahua, but is to turn Topo as the gateway of Asian countries to the southern United States. The vision is great.

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From the time of Francisco Labastida Ochoa as governor there was a lot of promotion to this project, and the first major investments were made. The port of Topolobampo was dredged to make it of height, the railroad was improved and it was taken to the facilities of the port of Topolobampo, the highway to Los Mochis and the Mochis-Don Station were built, among others.

Juan Millán already as governor, gave another one between or push to this project with the construction of the Los Mochis El Fuerte highway until San Blas, while Jesús Aguilar took it to the municipal seat.

Another boost was given with Malova, the conditions of the El Fuerte-Choix road were improved and the Choix road was built to nearby towns and to the border with Chihuahua.

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So what remains for this project, is to build approximately 23 kilometers of road in the Sinaloa part, but also, the construction of the Bridge over the glass of the Huites Dam that is valued at 700 million pesos.

However, on the Chihuahua side, there are still several dozen kilometers to join the road that runs from Sinaloa.

Well, Governor Quirino Ordaz put this project on the table to President López Obrador so he could contemplate it in future budgets.

However, it seems that the efforts of the governor will not be the only ones done in the coming days to get the federal government turned its eyes to this great strategic development project.

The Municipal President of Ahome, Billy Chapman, accompanied by a group of businessmen from the North of Sinaloa, have contemplated pushing together this project that, if materialized, would become one of the biggest increase of investments for the northern area of ​​Sinaloa.

Mayor Billy Chapman who came to municipal power under the acronym of the joint venture We Will Do History -Morena-PT and PES- already asserted his metropolitan influences and got an appointment with the Secretary of Communications and Transportation, to receive this delegation of businessmen who will explain the scope of this strategic project.

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