Protest Against Bullfighting in Mazatlan


Fight for changes to the law

Groups and associations of the Sinaloa Animalist Front demonstrated in front of the Municipal Palace of Mazatlan to ask Mayor Guillermo Benítez Torres not to allow bullfights as part of the carnival celebrations.

The people came to the Plaza la República, they brought canvases and banners against the death of the bulls and in a legend it said: “No to torture, which is neither art nor culture”.

In the interview with the demonstrators, among them Brenda González León, said that they are already in talks with deputies from Morena to get a bill in the State Congress to ban bullfighting in Sinaloa and the general bad treatment of the animals, because there are also clandestine dog fights, in addition to roosters, and the cruel death of cattle and cattle on the trails.

He noted that they are against bullfighting and seek reforms to the law. He said that there are more than 15 animal associations that support this initiative and are in favor of animals.

He said that there is an incongruity of an association against cancer or for a good cause that promotes a bullfight where animals are going to die. Animals are part of the coexistence on this planet.

Source: SEl

The Mazatlan Post