Mazatlan taxi drivers will demonstrate against the authorities


Taxi leaders assure that the government is at fault. Therefore, they will continue to protest and block units to defend their rights.

Mazatlan, Sin.-  Taxi leaders of green and red taxis expressed their dissatisfaction with the actions of the government, since they are not acting against the CROC units, which do not have permission to work in the city, so they demand the authorities push the order.

Arnoldo Bouciéguez Lizárraga, leader of red taxis, said that his position will be the same in terms of demonstration without affecting the road, said that they least seek to harm third parties and that the police elements are what initiate the disorder, and until Do not resolve this conflict will continue to protest.

“In this case, the problem has arisen because the authority has ignored this type of situation. We are going to demonstrate against the authority to apply the Law, the units do not have permission, “he said.

On the other hand, the leader of green taxis Jesús Lizárraga López mentioned that they will continue to demonstrate, because it is not fair for the government to grant permits to more units, since in Mazatlán it is saturated with transportation, he also indicated that in this matter he should not to intervene the secretary of public security.

“Well, you can leave it in the hands of roads and transportation officials, which will put us in jail, it is the public safety itself that makes the disorder, so I believe that we have the right to demonstrate and we will always manifest ourselves before any situation, come what may, because it is a right that we have and can not be taken away from us, “he said.

The leaders expect a quick solution as they say they are tired of equality on the part of the government since the units have the documentation in order to work, and with more transportation competition, those who are affected are the workers who have the right and are not earning enough to pay expenses.

In response Mazatlan Mayor ” Luis Guillermo Benítez Torres “

Placing order in the taxi’ conflict is a matter for the state government; “If the state authorities take away their taxi license from one or all taxi units breaking the law, they will never do it again; we already have a bigger Security Center “JAIL” so that they all fit, “said Mayor Luis Guillermo Benítez Torres, questioned about roadblocks in the streets of Mazatlan.

Source: lineadirecta, Sel

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