‘El Amor y La Mar’, the concert in Mazatlan, will interpret melodies related to man as well as the passion towards nature


On February 8, five local artists will take the stage of Casa Haas, and they will give a guitar concert, with their show called ‘El Amor y La Mar’, they will interpret melodies related to man as well as the passion towards nature, event that will have a noble cause.

Ana Isabel Andrade Moreno and Rodrigo Hernández Sosa, young people with different abilities will be the main voices of this event, which will start at 7:00 p.m., will last approximately 90 minutes, will be limited to a hundred people with a quota of recovery of 120 pesos per assistant.

The main voices have more than 10 years of experience on stages, stepping on important venues such as the Angela Peralta Theater, they have even been awarded at local singing festivals.

“One of the objectives of the concert is the dissemination of the culture of disability to the arts, the fact that a person has a disability is also a generator of good content, they are not limited. It is not the same as watching you on the street singing and giving encouragement, to make a show of quality is a dar-dar, and having a disability is not a constraint to be delivered to the public, “said the singer.

Andrade Moreno indicated that within the repertoire to interpret some of the themes will be ‘Alfonsina and the sea’, ‘Tropical path’, ‘Flower of azalea’, ‘Near the sea’, ‘This flower’, among others.

The tickets are already on sale through the Angela Peralta theater box office or by phone, 6692095776 and 5535508057.

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