They build, through forums, the Municipal Development Plan for Mazatlan


On this occasion, they addressed the theme of ‘Public Services and Urban Development’, explained Norberto Álvarez Romo, director of the Implan.

Mazatlan, Sinaloa.- With the firm intention of creating the new Municipal Development Plan for Mazatlan, the Implan carries out various thematic, general and sectorial forums, informed Norberto Álvarez Romo.


The director of the Municipal Institute of Planning explained that it is consulted through working groups to listen to ideas, proposals and strategies; at the same time, it is built in the city’s Strategic Plan.

“These forums are to raise the Municipal Development Plan, but at the same time we are both collecting to build along these years also, the Strategic Plan for Mazatlan; This is the theme of “Public Services and Urban Development,” he said.

He said that the Implan‘s job is to plan the urban development, as well as the environment, mobility, transportation and, most importantly, to generate a Strategic Master Plan to move Mazatlan forward in the future.

“Each of the areas of the municipality will set up the forums that are theirs in their areas, and we will be with all the areas that help to build this great image of Mazatlan in the future in a Strategic Master Plan,” he said.

Álvarez Romo said that the Municipal Development Plan will govern the management of the three years of the current local administration, and therefore, it is very important to listen to the approaches of the productive sectors, and citizens in general.

What and Who is Implan Mazatlan.

The Municipal Planning Institute of Mazatlan is governed by a Board of Directors in which various sectors of civil society are represented. This is made up of the President (Mayor in turn), the technical secretary (Director of IMPLAN), the coordinating councilor of the Commission for Town Planning, Ecology and Public Works of the Cabildo, the director of Public Works, director of Urban Development Planning and eleven citizens appointed by the council at the proposal of the professional associations, educational institutions and business sectors.


Proposes plans, programs and projects for the development of the municipality. It also approves, updates and presents urban zoning programs of population centers.


At the end of the last decade, an initiative was created to create an institution that would account for urban planning from an integral and long-term perspective, but it was not until March 2006 that the hard and constant effort was finalized when the decree was published. gives creation to the Municipal Institute of Planning of Mazatlan. It is in October 2007 when the Implan Mazatlán begins administrative operations and in January 2008 the first technical work team is formed


Generate urban order, considering human development, environmental sustainability and economic activity as the strategic axes of municipal development, based on values ​​of equity, sustainability, continuity, comprehensiveness, inclusion and responsible and committed citizen participation.


To be an innovative organism, that uses the best and most modern planning tools, that promotes sustainable development, that is an instrument where strategies are planned to achieve high standards of quality of life for citizens; be the link between society and 

Source: Implan Mazatlan

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