Mazatlan Vehicular taxes will increase due to increase in UMA


* From 80.60 per UMA passes to 84.49 pesos 
* Decal from 1,466 pesos to 1,534 pesos

Despite having a daily influx of 300 taxpayers, the Revenue Collection register has a lag equivalent to 80% of the total of 182 thousand registered vehicles.

Said standard includes cars, trucks, trailers and motorcycles, which according to the registry, have documented vehicles since 1928.

In this regard, Martín Ochoa López, in Mazatlan invited the population to update their payments in the central office or the modules established in Plaza San Joaquín and Gran Plaza.

“They are coming more for the tax incentive that was given by the cars of more than 10 years, they are the ones who are catching up, because other people take into account the deadline until March 31,” he described.

It will be from February 1, when the cost of taxes increases, due to the change in the tabulation of the Unit of Specialized Measurement (UMA).

“Recall that the INEGI decided to regulate under the value of UMA, which also includes 10% Pro Education, Red Cross and DIF. Then according to the prices of 2018, from a value of 80.60 per UMA it goes to 84.49 pesos, “he recalled.

Then the prices will stop tabulating under the minimum wage and to cost the decal thousand 466 pesos, will cost thousand 534 pesos, as an example.

At the same time, the Digital Citizen platform is available, processes can be processed to acquire a driver’s license, registration and cancellation of the license plate and the payment of stickers.

Source: Sel

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