Cancun would have automated monorail to serve tourism and urban area


The proposal, made by a Japanese company on behalf of Fonatur, includes automated trains used in cities such as Tokyo.

The Japanese company Japan External Trade Organization (JETRO) today presented the project “Development of the Public Transport System in the City of Cancun”, which seeks to guarantee the public access to an efficient and guaranteed public transport for the region.

In the presentation, made in the representation of the National Fund for Tourism Promotion (Fonatur), it was indicated that JETRO’s High Quality Public Transport System, comprises for the urban area of ​​Cancún a train of electric passengers in monorail.

The system would surpass the Mexico City Metro in passenger mobilization, energy savings, travel times and costs, through the Automated Guided Transit System (AGT) , as reported in the conference.

Mayor María Elena Lezama Espinosa, who attended the presentation accompanied by the director of the “Mayan Train” Project, Carlos Orozco Ocampo, assured that a multimodal model of public transport is a priority for Cancun.

“Urban mobility demands increasing attention from governments. The cities require means of transport that cover with efficiency and quality the demands of the population, that improve their quality of life and solve their transfer problems, “he said.

He recalled that recently the Town Council of Benito Juarez unanimously approved the establishment of an integrated public service system for urban passenger transport in buses on an established route, “but we need to do much more”.

According to him, the AGT system has advantages compared to the Metro, since the route does not interfere with the buildings or the urban landscape, which minimizes the acquisition of land; its operation is fully automated

Source: EL Financiero

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