Offenders upset after receiving fines for parking in handicap spaces


Culiacán, Sin. In the process of making citizens aware of the spaces where disabled people can park, certain drivers have been upset.

So far, this action has exceeded 150 fines in less than a week.

The operation carried out by Municipal Transit includes shopping centers, being the places where these places tend to be scarce due to the demand of the place.

“The badge is really required for the authority to exempt them from fines, but the purpose is not to collect taxes, but to understand that these parking lots are for people in need,” said Luis Gerardo Enciso Guzmán, deputy director of the corporation.

It will be until the regulation of the new Mobility Law comes into effect, when it is expected that the amount of the sanction will more than double, in a corrective manner.

“We are waiting for the new Mobility Law, and with this fines of 25 minimum wages will be applied, right now it is of 12 minimum wages in which it is applied,” he said.

This public policy will warn drivers about the respect that should be given to these areas, which are specified for people who have a disability and who drive out of necessity.

Source: El Sol de Mazatlan

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