How was corruption punished in the Mexica empire?


Corruption in the Mexica empire was a very serious matter that was not ignored, much less for the nobles who received worse punishments.

Corruption in the Mexica empire was a very serious matter that was not overlooked, much less for the nobles and people of the upper social classes, and it is more for them the punishment was worse.

The Mexica Empire occupied a large portion of what is now Mexico and that is why the administration of that empire fell on officials who were loyal to the Tlahtoani. 

Thus the corrupt were punished in the Mexica empire

Of course, having such a large administration allowed that from time to time someone wanted to abuse their position and commit acts of corruption.

That is why the Mexicas had regulated the matter. In spite of the importance and great respect that was had to the authorities, the future Mexica rulers were educated to respect the community. In fact, an expression to refer to the people is “in cuitlapilli in atlapalli” (the wing, the tail), that is, if the leader is the head of a bird, he could never fly without the help of his tail and wings (the village).

That is why those who committed acts of corruption were punished with harsh penalties. 

Thus corruption was punished in the Mexica empire

The nobles (pipiltin) deserved the death penalty if they stole money from taxes (tributes). The collectors were known as calpixques and were killed if they overcharged the inhabitants of the empire just to get rich. The judges who received bribes were also punished with the death penalty.

But corruption was not only punished, it was also educated to prevent it. Huehuetlahtolli (the word of the old) are discourses that were given to young people and in many of them values ​​such as obedience, sobriety, rectitude and honesty are highlighted.

According to Mónica del Villar (in her article La Educación en el México Prehispánico, published in Mexican Archeology):

“Severe punishments are spoken of children for faults such as disobedience and lying, for example, sitting naked on an anthill, kneeling among rocks or using a pua de maguey on their tongues. racioning the number of tortillas to ingest … “

Thus corruption was punished in the Mexica empire

On the other hand, there was also a severe education for the people. The macehuales (the common inhabitants of the empire) were forbidden to get drunk and be infidels. If someone was drunk, they were publicly repressed and if they were to commit this crime they were punished with the death penalty. Likewise, spouses who had been found with a lover were killed in public (if there was only suspicion there was a serious investigation).

Remember that the Mexica civilization was a militarized civilization and obedience and education were fundamental values, so their punishments were so severe, although it would be worth recovering the culture that extolled values ​​such as honesty and honesty?

Thus corruption was punished in the Mexica empire

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