Learn how to prepare Mazatlan famous Tuna pie and feel like a local


We bring you the secret recipe of the tuna pie, we know that all the Mazatlecos know how to prepare it with their eyes closed but there are people who have visited Mazatlan and were left with the craving, the doubt and the curiosity to try it.

We know someone who came to Mazatlan, tasted the tuna cake and magically fell in love, but they do not know when they will return and only live with the craving.

Prepare tuna cake, in fact, it is very easy and has no science, here you go:

It is not necessary to live in port to get the ingredients, you just have to go to the market:

-1 pack (680 grams) of white box bread without the edges 

-2 tins (170 grams each) of tuna in oil

-1 bar (190 grams) of cream cheese

-1 cup of cream

-1 package of yellow American type.

-1 can (185 grams) of red pepper, drained

-Jalapeño peppers in vinegar, to taste

1.- Blend the tuna with cream cheese, American cheese, cream, red pepper and jalapeño peppers

2- Grease a rectangular refractory with butter and cover the bottom with a layer of bread, do not leave spaces between each slice.

3- Spread the tuna paste on top. Repeat the procedure with layers of bread until finished with the ingredients.

4- Cover the refractory with plastic wrap or aluminum foil and put it in the freezer for 30 minutes.

Delicious! We Mazatlecos eat it especially in small parties or meetings and we love it!

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