Venezuelans refugees in CDMX demand that AMLO intervene in their country’s conflict: “AMLO, listen, join the fight”


Dozens of Venezuelans refugees living in Mexico gathered yesterday outside their country’s embassy in Mexico City (Schiller 326, Polanco), to express their support for Juan Guaidó, who was sworn in as president of the city on Wednesday. Republic of interim form.

Between songs and slogans against Maduro , the citizens carried Venezuelan flags while shouting: “Freedom … Venezuela!” And “AMLO, listen, join the fight”.

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Recall that yesterday, in an official statement  disseminated through social networks,  the Government of Mexico  joined the request of the  Eastern Republic of Uruguay  to call for dialogue in the conflict in  Venezuela .

Through its press release, the  Ministry of Foreign Affairs  reaffirmed its commitment to the Constitutional principle of  No Intervention , self-determination of peoples and searches for peaceful solutions to Constitutional disputes.

Along with this, the government headed by  AMO  said that it fully coincides with the  UN call for all those involved in the Venezuelan conflict to reduce tensions and avoid any type of violence.


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