Former Mexican Foreign Minister Jorge Castañeda reproved the positioning of the government of Andres Manuel López Obrador in the face of the Venezuelan crisis and said that he must ignore Nicolás Maduro.

Juan Guaidó, leader of the National Assembly of Venezuela, declared himself interim president on Wednesday in front of thousands of his supporters, during a day full of mass demonstrations against Maduro throughout the South American country.

Unlike countries such as the US, France or Canada, which have backed Guaidó, the Mexican government argued that it would not ignore Maduro’s administration and pointed out that he expects a political and peaceful solution to be achieved through negotiations to resolve the crisis.

“Mexico’s position is pathetic because it does not take into account that Maduro is illegitimate because he was elected in a totally fraudulent election, whose government has killed more than 150 people,” he said in an interview published Thursday by the newspaper Reforma .

“The government of Mexico must condemn and ignore in the same way that governments of the right and of the non-right around the world are doing,” he said.

“They did not understand what was going to happen and they left, in fact, the Lima Group and lined up with Maduro ahead of time, as if they had not known that this crisis was coming; He was well known, it was known, “explained Castañeda.

The ex-chancellor also criticized that Mexico is talking about mediation when there have been several failed attempts in that direction, not only by Mexico but by other countries.

“Today more than ever there is a growing consensus in the international and Latin American community of one group or another, that they agree that Maduro has to leave, and therefore they have to contribute to his leaving, not contributing to mediation, that no one knows why it is up to Mexico to play that role, “said Castañeda.

“Why is AMLO going to be able now?” He questioned the past attempts to mediate Venezuela’s internal crisis.

He considered that even if the Maduro government had requested it from Mexico, it is no longer the time for that position.

“Non-intervention does not have to lead Mexico to not comment on massive violations of Human Rights or violations of the principles of democracy.”

Those principles that the Mexican government alleges today, he added, were not an obstacle to support Fidel Castro and his struggle against the dictator Fulgencio Batista at different times, nor against the dictatorship of Anastasio Somoza in Nicaragua, or Augusto Pinochet in Chile.

Nor did they prevent, he said, that President Lázaro Cárdenas openly declared himself and asked for support for the Spanish Republic during the civil war in that country.

“Are there dictatorships of the left and dictatorships of the right? That is the defining point. The government of Maduro today and especially since January 9 – and before that – is illegitimate, repressive, product of fraudulent elections and is increasingly isolated, “he said.

Without underestimating the political weight that the recognition of the US government has. to Guaidó, Castañeda said that there are many countries with diverse ideological positions that have added to that support.

“Trump is going to abstain (in the future) from trying to intervene in Mexico because he did not intervene in the case of Maduro?” He asked.

In addition, he said that Mexico should return to the Lima Group and join the majority positions that condemn Maduro. “Say yes to those positions, and not that there are 13 against one, against Mexico,” he said.

When asked if he believes the Mexican government could change his current position, Castañeda was pessimistic.

“Change, I do not believe, because deep down there is great sympathy for the Venezuelan Chavez regime; in the background there is admiration of AMLO, (Marcelo) Ebrard and other officials for that Chavez regime, “he replied.

Source: Reforma

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