“It’s Mazatlán, not Mazel Tov!” Twenty years ago, when I first told my friends and colleagues I would be working and living in Mazatlán, they had no idea where it was, didn’t understand why I was going there and didn’t know how to pronounce it.  (Well, those of us who were fans of “The Love Boat” TV series – okay, I’m dating myself here – knew about Mazatlán because it was one of the ports of call on the show!)

But Mazatlán has worked hard and evolved over two decades.  Especially during the last few years, the city underwent major remodeling to prepare for its international spotlight.  For the first time ever this past February, Mazatlán hosted Tianguis (literally, a Mexican open-air market), an important international event to showcase Mexico to the tourism industry.  Finally, this superb destination resort town is getting the kind of attention it deserves!

Best of Mazatlán will keep you current and connected to the best food, booze and entertainment in this “Colonial City on the Beach.” Here are seven reasons you should be stoked about that:

  1.  We connect you to the best mierda.  (Look it up in a Spanish dictionary.)
    Every week, “Best of Mazatlán” will connect you to a steady diet of the best things to  eat, drink and do in Mazatlán!
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    “Best of Mazatlán” is sent to your email inbox for no dinero.  In other words, it’s             free,  amigos! So sign up now or ahora in Spanish. (Please don’t pronounce the h!)
  3. There’s more to Mazatlán than beaches and booze.
    Trust me, when you’ve lived here, you know that’s why many tourists come.  But more and more people are discovering that Mazatlán and the Mexican state of Sinaloa offer so much more than that:  culture, history, food and adventure, too.  I hope this website will add to your memories of Mazatlán by turning you on to something new and exciting during your next visit.
  4. And there’s more to Mazatlán food than shrimp…
    But if shrimp were all that Mazatlán had to eat, that would be more than enough for me because it’s so fresh and delicious; Mazatlán is a shrimp village, after all!  Their signature shrimp dishes, such as shrimp stuffed with cheese and wrapped in bacon, aguachiles and shrimp ceviche, are unique and out of this world.  But Mazatlan is fast becoming a “foodie destination” and we’ll hook you up to the hottest places and best chefs.
  5. I’ve always wanted to launch a Love Boat Museum here…and still kind of do.
    The major cruise ships are back to making Mazatlán one of their regular ports of call, thanks to a concerted effort by Mazatlán, Sinaloa and expats working together to make everyone feel safe and welcome.  So the timing couldn’t be better, right?  Okay, I’m sort of kidding, but I helped start the Walton’s Mountain Museum around that TV show, after it had been off the air for twenty years.  The Walton’s Museum has actually become a big boon for tourism in Virginia!  So if a certain company would provide me with a cruise ship that’s out of commission and some backing to make it happen, I’ll lead the charge.  As far as I know, the actors who played Captain Stubing, Gopher, Isaac, Julie and Vicki are still alive.  (Please don’t get me started on their guest stars.)  So sing along with me now, “Love won’t hurt anymore.  It’s an open smile on a friendly shore.  Yes, LOOVE!  It’s LOOVE!”
  6.  We promise we’ll never say El Chapo.
    Okay, that’s the last time.
  7.  We’re going to show people the “real” Mazatlán.
    Mazatlán is its own special animal.  In fact, Mazatlán is the genuine Mexico!  There’s simply nowhere else like it. The Mazatlecos are wonderful and welcoming people, and I’ve made friends for life here.  It’s exciting to witness the makeover by the city and state of Sinaloa, yet Mazatlán has retained every ounce of its exceptional charm!

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MARK GLICKMANMark Glickman is an award-winning public relations and marketing consultant. He was selected as one of the “Top 25 Most Extraordinary Minds in Sales & Marketing” by the Hotel Sales & Marketing Association International (HSMAI). As a travel writer and the author of “Marketing Paradise: Talk Stories to Learn From,” he frequently speaks on green marketing and crisis management. Mark works with some of the world’s leading resort developments, management companies and nonprofits on driving revenue through effective branding, publicity and special events.

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