Viva Aerobus will boost growth to connect US flights to Mexico beach destinations


 Viva Aerobus will continue its growth this year, driven mainly by national destinations; It will start 15 new routes, expect to increase passenger movement by 16 percent and add eight new aircraft to its fleet.

“We are very focused on domestic growth, regional connectivity, connect many flights that do not have to go through Mexico City and that allows us to stimulate regional connectivity,” argued the airline’s general director, Juan Carlos Zuazua.

In an interview with Notimex, he announced that they will seek to increase frequencies on current routes, that is, if a destination started with four, it would go to seven or a day. “This connectivity allows us to stimulate passenger demand, as well as improve competitiveness.”

Last year, the airline opened 20 new routes to end the period with a total of 104, also began its fifth base of operations in Tijuana, which joins the Monterrey, Mexico City, Guadalajara, and Cancun.

Regarding new destinations, he explained that before the saturation of the International Airport of Mexico City (AICM), the airline would concentrate on the routes it currently has, although otherwise, they would have to cancel some to start others or get more slots ( take-off and landing schedules).

At the end of 2018, Viva Aerobus started from this aerodrome with the Mexico-Zacatecas and Mexico-Culiacán flights.

In this sense, Zuazua pointed out that the growth will be in non-peak hours, which is from 11:00 pm to 06:00 am and from other bases such as Tijuana, Guadalajara, Monterrey, and Cancún.

However, he described as positive the announcement of the investment for both the Toluca airport and the Mexico City International Airport.

“Today we operate in an airport that is saturated and something very wise is to allocate investment to the current airport to improve its efficiency, probably you can get more efficiency and productivity in a number of slots and flights,” he said.

About Toluca, he mentioned that it is an operation with two routes, which have registered good acceptance, so they could have an increase this year.

“If there are plans (to increase operations), as we are growing in all airports, Toluca is not the exception. Undoubtedly, the two routes will continue to grow, more frequencies and this year will open more destinations, as we do in other places, “he said.

He reiterated that the start at this airport is not due to the government’s plans to relaunch the Metropolitan Airports System, where the airline already operates in Querétaro and Puebla, but rather the company’s growth plans.

Regarding international routes, the executive said that they will boost their growth through tour operators to connect mainly North Americans to beach destinations, such as Cancun, Puerto Vallarta, and Los Cabos.

“That’s going to keep growing, let’s say a charter operation, where part of the plane is bought by the tour operator and the other by us, which is how we operate the Cancun-Newark or the Cancun-Chicago,” he explained.

Juan Carlos Zuazua affirmed that the airline would evaluate his transfer to the Santa Lucia airport, although there are two terminals in a city, “probably Viva Aerobus would operate in both, but it is still too early to evaluate since it is only a project, but it is We would evaluate all the projects in the metropolitan area of the country. “

Source: Notimex

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