Indigenous people from Ejido Mayo 5th take Hwy15- Mochis-San Blas


Indígenas del 5 de Mayo tomaron la carretera Los Mochis-San Blas el pasado lunes.(EL DEBATE)

Los Mochis, Sinaloa.- Indigenous of the 5 de Mayo ejido took the Los Mochis-San Blas highway because the unconformity continues on the part of the indigenous group of this community because it continues as a traditional governor Rosario Valenzuela Huicho, which they consider as an imposition on behalf of the State Council of Indigenous Groups.

The protesters blocked the passage to motorists. 

“We are asking for other elections to be held because Rosario Valenzuela Huicho does not want the town because of the mismanagement it did in common and its community in Ejido Ohuira,” said María Llanes, a member of the Council of Elders of the Cinco de Mayo ejido.

The demonstrators requested the presence of Marcos Osuna, undersecretary of Government, to start a dialogue and leave the place.

“We will ask the official to respect the decisions that the indigenous people have taken, that they make us vote, that they are made, and that they let us choose our ruler, that is not imposed,” said María Llanes.

Both lanes of the Los Mochis-San Blas highway remained blocked, and only intermittently allowed vehicles to pass. They pledged that if in an hour the Undersecretary of State Government did not arrive, they would permanently block both lanes.

While they were performing the blockade, some indigenous people started dancing their traditional dances.


The drivers began to confront the indigenous people. They were told that blocking the road is not the way to find a solution to their problem, since the people waiting to pass are people who work and need to move to their destinations.

In this way the protesters decided that the vehicles would pass intermittently.


Some drivers traveling from El Fuerte to Los Mochis searched alternate routes to avoid the highway blockade. They opted for dirt roads.

Later, reinforcements from the Municipal Police and roads arrived at the Los Mochis-San Blas highway to get order, because there was a brawl between a desperate motorist and protesters. Quick the police intervened and prevented the lawsuit rose pitch.

The secretary of the commune arrives

After 4 hours, the Secretary of the Ahome City Council, Andrés Estrada, arrived. The official told the demonstrators that Marcos Osuna comes from Mexico City, and asked them to please not affect third parties.

Source: El Debate
The Mazatlan Post