Pueblo Magico, El Rosario Sinaloa Renaissance


Mazatlan, Sin.- The Municipality of Rosario is one of the safest in the State since for mayor Manuel Antonio Pineda Dominguez the most important thing is the safety and tranquility of the Rosarenses and tourists who visit the destination, said Humberto Aguirre Guzmán.

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The director of Tourism of the Municipality of Rosario, said that the Magic Town is better than ever, as they do not need to strengthen security to keep the destination in peace since the Municipal Police with the account provides to combat common crimes.

“The truth is that in safety we are very well, we are very happy because in rosario the main concern of the doctor is that it is a safe municipality, and within the safety light in the State we are among the first places as a safe municipality”.

Aguirre Guzman needed to be working in coordination with the Tourism Secretariat of Mazatlan so that the tours go directly to the Magical Town, since before they ended in Teacapán, Escuinapa, so they are expected to finish at the destination.

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“Right now we are promoting what are the tours, we will coordinate with Mazatlan tourism to make more tours that are destiny, and be able to sell more tours for Rosario”.

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He noted that next week will meet in the municipal head of Rosario all tourism directors in the southern area to see how they can promote activities in which attract more tourists to the destination.

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