In Mexico there are 16 denominations of origin of products, techniques or ingredients that occur in a specific area of the country and the charanda is one of them.

This drink is native to the region of Uruapan, which includes 16 municipalities in Michoacán.

Charanda is practically a rum since it is extracted from the fermentation of sugarcane.

So what makes the charanda so special?

The entire Uruapan area and the 16 municipalities that make up this region have a height of 1600 to 3800 meters above sea level and is characterized by having a large number of extinct volcanoes.

These factors make the soil give a particular flavor to the sugarcane grown here and, of course, it is moved to the charanda.

The sugar content of crops at this height is higher than those located closer to sea level.

According to data from the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development, the charanda has existed since 1857 and still does so by hand.

Its name comes from the hill La Charanda, which is located in Uruapan, and that in Purepecha means red earth“.

How is it produced?

The process of the charanda is similar to that of other rums and spirits since it comes from the fermentation and distillation of sugar cane.

To make it, the juice of the cane or its derivatives is used, such as melado, piloncillo or molasses.

Normally the charanda has two distillations that leave it at a percentage of between 50 to 55 degrees of alcohol.

Another difference of the charanda with other distilled products similar to rum is the greater amount of sugar, sucrose and iron, which translates into a sweeter flavor, in addition to that it is also more aromatic.

The charanda can take an amber tone because the barrels on which it rests are oak or oak.

Charanda Janitzio

Being of cane and not of agave, there are up to two harvests per year,  so it is expected that there will always be a supply of this drink.

Currently there are not many places outside of Michoacán to buy charanda, but there are internet sites that ship to any part of the country.

Finally, one of its benefits is that it works perfectly to create cocktails with juices, soft drinks, and syrups.

Source: Animal Gourmet

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