Mazatlan: Average occupancy at 65% in hotels in 2018


This year 2018 closed generating an average occupancy of approximately 65 percent in the destination, celebrated José Ramón Manguart Sánchez, president of the Tres Islas Hotel Association.

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“We had a very good year-end, with 100 percent levels. People were left at the last minute in a massive wave to Mazatlan and that movement at the end of the year makes us happy because it was a year of good experiences, “he said.

Now, he confided that he will pay to increase the average occupation of the hotel industry by 2 to 4 points in this new year.

About 95 percent of the tourists who visited us were national, while the rest remained at 0.8 percent international tourism.

“The challenges are important, one of these is to maintain the safety issue that is a condition for anyone who wants to travel. As well as continue with the promotion issues and through the Municipal President you can have a relationship with the federal government to have new projects, “he said.

He considered that the maintenance of the works is a key element so that the tourist assets are in optimal conditions, it will be this weekend when the departure of tourists to their places of origin begins.

Source: SEL

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