Mazatlan attracts investments for this 2019


This impulse will be reflected mainly in the tourism sector.

Mazatlan, Sinaloa. – On the last day of the year, 13 investments were approved for Mazatlan, which will mostly boost the tourism sector and leave 14 billion pesos in investments, said Secretary of Economic Development and Tourism, David González Torrentera.

He added that these important investments will be made in this port. He commented: “This speaks of Mazatlan being very attractive for investment and will seek to capitalize on this situation, and at the same time make that investment continues to arrive and that investors have the certainty that they will be supported here because we want them to come, establish and generate good quality jobs. ” 

A meeting was also held with the entrepreneurs of the Singular Aircraft plant, who said that the land was already obtained to establish the drone factory, which will be located 10 kilometers outside the port, exiting the Mazatlán-Culiacán highway.

González cataloged as a great achievement to have an aerospace industry in the region. He added that the municipality is already working to support this project by providing energy, water, and drainage services in an effective and efficient manner, without generating too high a cost for the municipality.

Looking for help

The secretary said that it is working fully and seeks to involve the other states of the Northern Economic Corridor. He assured that Durango is willing to participate and is looking to include Chihuahua, among others, to establish a section of the Durango-Mazatlán railroad. 

Source: El Debate

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