They recognize ‘Mama Coco’ the woman who inspired the character



It has not been recognized by the production of the film Coco, but in its native land. She does not want money and she says she is happy because of the way she changed her life, after being identified as Mama Coco, Miguel’s grandmother, a main character of the Pixar film.

This is María Salud Ramírez Caballero, 105 years old, who was photographed by the production and to whom communal and artisan authorities of her town, as well as municipal of Quiroga, gave her recognition and named her the ambassador of the artisans of this region.

With the image of “Nana Salud”, as it is known to Maria, the artisans and residents expect that the pottery of that community will be bought all over the world since after its premiere its sales have increased, Gabriela Gabriel Fabián details, a young potter of 23 years.

“It has benefited us a lot because more tourists are coming in. This town is more known because of the lady’s fame, they buy our handicrafts, everything we do and figures of it,” she explains.

In the words of the creators of the film Coco, Michoacán represented a colorful journey that allowed them to get closer to the Mexican culture, so their influence is appreciated throughout the film.

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For the past three years, Ramirez has been diagnosed with chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD), which is why he must use oxygen tanks to breathe.

However, age and illness do not prevent him from walking at a rapid pace through his house and through the streets of that town, which also served as inspiration for the scenes of the film.

Even after the tape was screened, his house began to fill with visitors, both national and foreign, who want to greet and photographed with her.

Thanks to this, the mood of the woman, a potter by trade, has changed and even leaves her “a few cents”, when selling the crafts that her family makes.

Thus, “María Salud” stopped being another inhabitant and became the pride of Santa Fe de la Laguna -of the municipality of Quiroga- and of her family, says Patricia Pérez Hernández, one of her granddaughters.

Source: Notimex

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