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The Mexican Cigars you must try

The Cigars Have Been A Sign Of Elegance And Luxury Since Its Introduction In Europe. Handmade Mainly In Cuba, These Are Perfect To Enjoy A Drink Or A Good Time With Friends. But Not All Good Cigars Are Made In Cuba, In Mexico You Can Also Find Cigars Of National Production And Of Excellent Quality.

The consumption of tobacco in Mexico began in the regions that were occupied by the Mayan cultures. In the country, there are three states producing tobacco, Chipas, Veracruz and Nayarit, but today San Andrés Tuxtla, Veracruz is one of the leading producers of cigars in Mexico and has positioned itself around the world for its high quality tobacco.

The San Andrés Valley has a long tradition in planting, growing, drying tobacco and making cigars by hand. Different varieties of seeds have been adapted to be planted in this valley, such as Sumatra, Habano 2000 and Connecticut, in addition to producing the native black tobacco of San Andrés.

Te Amo

Backed by a great tradition, this brand that produces cigars has its beginnings in San Andrés, Veracruz. In the year of 1880, Alberto Turrent arrived from Spain to settle in these fertile Mexican lands, since then the tobacco industry is distinguished by its tobacco and its cigars crafted by the master twisters of the region. Since 1963, the year in which the company began producing the Te-Amo cigars, it became the leading brand of Mexican tobacco and is distributed in 29 countries around the world.

WWS Mexico Blend

It is perfect for any type of smoker, it is made with San Andrés 98 Criollo tobacco that provides a unique sweetness to the intense flavor of tobacco.


Made with tobacco San Andrés black and Creole in the gut and band, with Connecticut tobacco in the layer, this pure of perfect structure, is made meticulously by hand by the master twisters, then it is aged for three years, characteristic that gives it its flavor smooth and delicate.

A.Turrent Clasico

Designed for the most experienced smokers, this exclusive cigar is distinguished by having Habano tobacco cultivated in San Andrés in its cape and gut. Its strength is medium and its flavor is complex and unparalleled due to its aging of four years.

Santa Clara

This is a brand that has been dedicated to the production of snuff since 1967, their years of experience resulted in a unique tobacco blend that distinguishes this tobacco house. In 1983 the factory was destroyed by a major fire, an event that did not stop the firm and 28 years later the brand has managed to enter countries such as Spain, Germany, France, Switzerland, Australia etc.

Their efforts have resulted in great cigars, these are some of them:

Santa Clara 1830

With two centuries of tradition supporting it, this cigar is excellent for those experts and experienced palates. It is made from tobacco originating in San Andrés that gives it a character of nuts and coffee.

Santa Clara Gran Reserva

Made of tobacco from 1999, it is kept in a special room for its slow aging. This cigar is made with Cuban tobacco and San Andrés Reserva, which gives it a taste of almonds and chocolate, characteristics that combine perfectly with its sweetness and character.

La Joya de San Andrés

Despite being a little known brand, these cigars are made of tradition, with the best tobacco in the region and twisted by the hands of the most experienced teachers of San Andrés. They offer three presentations: natural, mature and bolero.

For its medium-light strength are perfect to enjoy with tequila or whiskey.

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