“Queseros” cheese-makers of Mazatlán report increase in sales


José Antonio Lizárraga Rivera, president of the Union of Cheesemakers of Southern Sinaloa, adds that the arrival of tourists has contributed to the sale of 6 thousand kilos a day.

Mazatlan, Sin.- The end of the year means a rebound in sales for the products handled by the Union of Cheesemakers of southern Sinaloa, an organization that reports a hundred percent in the variety of dairy products, said José Antonio Lizárraga Rivera.

The president of the union said that to reach this figure has been an important piece of visitors to Mazatlan, who upon arrival buy a good part and leave a different souvenir with the products.

“The thing has picked up since Christmas, we have had a good upturn, we have reached 100 percent of sales, we were very worried because sales could not be raised, we were about 90 percent,” he said.

The businessman added that in volume there are almost six thousand kilograms of sales per day that are among the varieties of Fresco cheese, Oreado, Gouda and artisan Oaxaca, products made 100 percent of cattle.

Lizárraga Rivera indicated that the low temperatures felt in the region help to conserve the products, although that means a decrease in the production of each one of the cows.

Source: Linea Directa Portal

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