Mazatlan: Taxi drivers start blockades in the Golden Zone


Three blockades on the part of taxi drivers of Atamsa transporters were recorded yesterday in the tourist zone of Mazatlan.

Mazatlan, Sinaloa.- Hot discussions in different parts of the port were recorded during yesterday. The protagonists of the clashes were the drivers and leaders of the unions of red and green taxi drivers, as well as Atamsa.

The first block

At 10:00 am, a group of red and green taxi drivers arrived at the Playa Gaviotas avenue, in the golden zone of the port, waiting for a group of tourists who were staying in a hotel a few meters from a Popular club would go out to take their transport from Atamsa, which they had previously hired.

When arriving the unit that would be in charge to take the vacationers towards the International Airport of Mazatlan for its flight, the taxi drivers blocked the passage to the driver of Atamsa, the reason why it was impossible to arrive.

Public Security personnel arrived to the site to safeguard security. The discussion was swift and stopped until the taxi drivers convinced the tourists to board one of their units, so that they would be transferred to the airport. After achieving their goal, the transporters left the place.

The second block

At 11:30 am, the providers of public transport went to Cámaron-Sábalo Avenue to make a new blockade because, in a hotel that is almost opposite a famous meat restaurant, a tourist had requested the Atamsa service.

Again, members of both the red and green unions formed a fence to prevent the Atamsa vehicle from entering the hotel and providing its service.

The agents descended of the unit so that the young man approached a van of the Municipal Police.

The transporters continued in their efforts to prevent the authorities from taking the young man to the airport, despite the pleas of the young man’s mother to let him go and prevent him from losing his flight.

The momentum and shocks between the transporters and the policemen arose from one moment to the next. The agents handcuffed one of the men who participated in this blockade. He started shouting that the agents were attacking him. 

The municipal elements asked him to stop resisting because he himself was causing damage by struggling with them.

The conflict continued between both parties while the municipal tried to arrest three more people.

Later, the agents managed to take the young man to his destination after the use of public force and released the presumed suspects. 

Third block

At 2:00 pm, Atamsa was scheduled to take eight people to the airport, but upon arriving at the agreed time, the tourists were not there, since they had already been taken by one of the delegates of Roads and Transportation.

Presumably, they scared them by informing them that it was possible for them to miss the flight due to the events registered previously, said Román Aguayo, Atamsa leader.

This was linked with the man who had hired the service, who came from Ciudad Juarez, and declared that Guillermo Tolosa appeared before him as an official and that he was wearing a T-shirt with the logo of Roads and Transportation.

Aguayo failed the action of the Roads and Transportation personnel because it ensures that the authority must help maintain order, and considered that with these actions, like the taxi drivers, enlarge the problem.

Source: El Debate

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