Mazatlan is flooded with vehicles


The vehicular traffic increases by 40 percent due to the influx of tourists and locals.

Mazatlan, Sinaloa.- The port is flooded with vehicles of locals and tourists. This has caused traffic chaos on the main roads.


The director of Transit, Luis Eduardo Enciso Guzmán, highlighted that the traffic flow has increased by 40 percent. There are elements of this dependence on strategic points to reduce congestion.

The official called on motorists to take precautions, respect signs and leave with more time to go to their destination. This to prevent them from driving at speed and suffering an accident. 

The influx grew after the Christmas holidays and now for the New Year’s Eve.

Road accidents have been recorded, although they have been mild. Mainly there have been material damages. 


In a tour of the city, saturation of streets and avenues could be appreciated by the large volume of motorists and motorcyclists.

Among the most congested avenues are the Mexican Army, Rafael Buelna, Insurgentes, Cruz Lizárraga, La Marina and Américas. Also in the Juan Pablo II, Gabriel Leyva and Avenida del Mar. 

In the mentioned roads, motorists moved almost around the wheel. This could be observed much of the day. On the boardwalk due to the lack of parking lots, some are stationary in the mouth streets of Avenida Del Mar.

The transits had to intervene to give a little fluidity. The official asked the drivers to have patience while traveling through the city, and above all, respect the law.

Source: El Debate

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