The dark side of Sayulita, a “magical” town


The program of the magic towns has stimulated a wide critic, mainly of the academic world on the part of sociologists and anthropologists. 

According to various opinions in the case of Sayulita, the main argument for wanting to enter the Program was the idea of “lowering resources”, while other peoples have rejected the program because they consider it an attack against the heritage value of the peoples.

To be able to belong to the program of “Magical Towns” the localities must have a population of 20 thousand inhabitants, preserve symbolic attributes and a beautiful architecture, be protagonists of transcendental events and legends, very ancient peoples for history and culture, an intact daily life and be a place where its inhabitants maintain their customs and traditions.

Unfortunately Sayulita does not fill almost any of the requirements to be a magical town. 

In Sayulita there are two water treatment plants which have permanent faults. This gives rise to multiple problems, since in the peak season of tourism the sewage of untreated sewage springs from the sewers in the streets of the town.

With the consequent pollution, health risks and strong odors, all this results in a terrible aspect and total chaos in the roads of this small coastal town.

It is important to highlight the underlying problems that Sayulita has: lack of professional water sanitation, lack of parking, saturated internal roads, no urban planning and no ordering of trade.

Source: Gente Nayarit

The Mazatlan Post