The difference between consome, caldo and sopa according to Antonio de Livier


Chef Antonio de Livier is the mastermind behind Caldos Ánimo and La panga del impostor. His career is already well known and his projects have been received successfully by the guests. But in addition to this, Chef Toño de Livier is a confessed fan of the wines. This is why there is no one better to clear one of the doubts that most takes away the sleep of both Mexicans and foreigners: what is the difference between consome, caldo and sopa? Here we share your differences.

Differences between soup, broth and soup

What is the consommé?


difference soup broth soup

“It refers to the clarified liquid that results from long cooking with a protein in water,” says chef De Livier. For example, the barbacoa consommé that results from the cooking of the meat. Then add the chickpea and sometimes the rice. However, these were not part of the primary cooking.

What is the caldo?


difference soup broth soup

The caldo is water in which meat, fish or vegetables are boiled. To this usually, a few things are added. In addition, it is the base of all soups and is used for some creams and grains of rice. This is the preparation that chef Antonio De Livier likes best. According to his words: “I love making caldos, because it gives you more than just curing you raw. It is something very comforting, endearing, paternal and maternal, that nothing else creates a feeling of satisfying you. But first and last: it’s something very rich. ”

What is the sopa?


difference soup broth soup

“It’s a caldo with more substance,” says Livier’s chef. This preparation has more solid ingredients that can be vegetables or meat products. Almost always, it is served at the beginning of the meal. There are cold soups and hot soups.