Adry del Rocío: the best 3D urban artist in the world is Mexican


Adry del Rocío is one of the most recognized 3D urban artists in the world. Originally from Jalisco, now she travels through several countries to convey through her paintings all her feelings and how she perceives life.

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This artist from Jalisco is painting the easel on the same floor as on the floor with chalk.

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Since the age of four, Adriana del Rocío García Hernández has won both national and international awards, including First Place in the watercolor category in the National Human Rights Competition in 2009 or the Santuario delle Grazie Prize in the 38th Mandonnari International Encounter the next year.

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In addition, in 2011 he received the Jalisco Prize for Youth. Among the most recent achievements is his second consecutive prize at the International Street Art Festival Wilhelmshaven.

For Publimetro Adry del Rocío spoke about his participation in the Instituto Europeo di Desing in Brazil. This was what he said:

“I feel happy for this new challenge. Everything came up very fast. The invitation, the planning, and the time I had to do it was also little. But it was amazing, here in São Paulo people are incredibly kind, from the beginning they received me very well, “said the young artist.

One of his favorite subjects is the human being and everything that implies

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“My biggest challenge is knowing how to control and measure my times to make all my commitments. Every job I do involves a new challenge, be it by technique, time, theme or the audience that will see it. The challenges I have as a painter are to overcome myself in each work. I’m very demanding with myself”.

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In the next three months, the artist has an invitation for a collective exhibition of a large 3D drawing on the floor of Disneyland.

A proactive artist

She organizes the meeting Gises por la Paz and the Colors Festival of Jalisco. He will also participate in the International Street Art Festival in Sarasota, Florida.

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“I paint to be reborn, to reinvent myself to live, to feel; I paint to look through that window that shows the soul of things, to discover a treasure inside the nothing, I paint to show paths to die for a dream and emerge in the purity of a color, a passion, a taste, paint to create and share new worlds, to fly and eat futures, I paint to re-believe in the unsurpassable beauty that keeps our tremendous existence ” Adry del Rocío .

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If you want to follow the work of this proudly Mexican artist, follow her on Facebook .

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