Sinaloa: Young people emigrate in search of better opportunities


Mazatlan, Tijuana, Guadalajara, and Monterrey have become working destinations for graduates of the Technological University of Escuinapa.

Escuinapa.- Five generations of students have been the graduates of the Technological University of Escuinapa, who were delighted to enter one of the five careers provided by trained personnel to be employed in the tourist project of CIP Playa Espíritu; but, as it was not concluded, the students had to emigrate to other states.

Julio César Ramos Robledo, rector of the Technological University of Escuinapa, said that it would be important for this municipality to make the necessary efforts to open the CIP, since the students have found opportunities to work out of state and the idea that This university is born so that students do not have to emigrate and stay in their municipality, since of the seven careers that the UTESC has five are designed to provide services to this tourist complex.

Other destinations

Ramos Robledo said that in the absence of the CIP in Escuinapa, the UTESC graduates have emigrated to Mazatlan, Guadalajara, Tijuana, Monterrey and Los Cabos.

“We call on the State Congress or the federal deputies to reconsider the budget that the CIP has because we believe it is an important project like the Santa María dam. I feel that the federal government should not ignore this project that will not only cover the students where they can stay and work but also will give Escuinapa another face and I believe that the budget allocated is of operation. It takes an investment so that it can start, “said Ramos Robledo.

The CIP is a project with a millionaire investment of more than 3 billion pesos, said the rector. The three levels of government must bet so that more resources can be obtained and this project can be a realization and stop seeing as a long-term project, since there is a finished hotel and must be launched by Fonatur. 

Source: El Debate

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