Families in need will build houses with plastic bottles


The Fuerza Culichi association starts a campaign that consists of making homes using plastic bricks.

First bottles full of garbage. (Photo: El Debate)

Culiacán, Sinaloa.- The Culichi Force Association seeks to benefit low-income families with the construction of ecological homes . The project consists of filling plastic bottles of two liters with flexible and aluminum and with them perform the construction.

Resultado de imagen para construirán casas con botellas de plástico

In Sinaloa, approximately 60 thousand families cannot access an Infonavit home or acquire another one because they have very high prices. In the state there are still thousands of people living in cardboard houses, so for them, the ecological housing would be a good option.

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The organization supports the people who have less thanks to carrying out various projects during the year. Among them are the cleaning campaigns that take place in public parks, on beaches and in different areas of the city.


Milly Fernanda Monzón Ontiveros, leader and pioneer of the association, said that by wanting to do more for the environment and for people, she started with the Eco casas campaign. For this plastic bottles are used, which are filled with waste, such as scrap and plastic wrap.

Resultado de imagen para construirán casas con botellas de plástico

He pointed out that three thousand plastic bricks are needed to make a room 4 meters wide and 4 meters long where a family can have a safe roof to sleep on.

The association is advised by architects and civil engineers, who will ensure that the houses are safe and reliable.

Resultado de imagen para construirán casas con botellas de plástico

To ensure that the bottle is completely solid and suitable for the project, it is necessary to fill with the contents of two large black plastic bags. 

Resultado de imagen para construirán casas con botellas de plástico

The first projects carried out with this approach were made in Brazil and in Sinaloa. Other foundations took the idea, and it was run using bottles, but filled with sand, so they wanted to give it another focus, so they can help the environment by generating less waste, and it benefits a family, said Milly Monzón.

There will always be people in need, but not all require the same, so we always look for their needs to make a true cause 

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The director of the association said that they are at the beginning of the campaign, so they require support from more people who join these activities.

He said that to achieve the total amount of bottles full of garbage will approach schools, shops, and institutions to collect more trash and achieve the goal.

This project will also benefit to have less disposable bottles thrown on the streets to prevent floods, which affect so much the public.

Source: El Debate
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