Whale watching opens in Mazatlan


The prestigious ecotourism company in Mazatlan, Onca Explorations, documents that the cetacean season began on December 8

The fascinating spectacle of humpback whales , whose first sightings already reported promptly by Onca Explorations, began on December 8 on the coast of Mazatlan.

As every year -between the beginning of December and the end of March-, the prestigious ecotourism company in Mazatlan prepares a series of fantastic expeditions that have as a focus of attention those impressive cetaceans considered the most recognized of the species due to the hump of their dorsal fin.

Onca Explorations  described the boot through its Fan Page  and did it in an emotional way, true to its custom:

‘A beautiful day to meet the humpback whales as they make their way through the tropical waters of the Mexican Pacific. Enjoy wonderful encounters with these incredible giants, while you take part of our research and conservation efforts in the waters of Mazatlan.


After the season officially opens, the company refines its traditional ecotourism trips in an effort to promote citizen science with encounters not only with humpback whales , but with dolphins, sea lions ‘and other fascinating marine lives’ by contributing to local jobs of research and conservation.

Photo: Courtesy Onca Explorations

According to the Ballenapedia site , the humpback whale has two nostrils and an average size of 52 feet in length and which is a function of its location that determines the weight.

That is, those who live in the coldest regions ‘can weigh up to 50 tons, while those in the tropics weigh around 30 tons’, according to the portal.

What is Onca Explorations?

According to the description of the company directed by the oceanologist Oscar Guzón Zataráin, Onca Explorations  is dedicated to designing and operating ecotours and expeditions that “combine wildlife research, citizen science, education and community development with sustainable tourism activities.”

He adds: ‘We promote awareness of the value and threats to biodiversity, while generating direct benefits for the conservation and management of wild species and their habitat.’

Photo: Courtesy Onca Explorations

The information provided by the same company states that ‘through the practice of sustainable tourism’ seeks to promote social development in Mexico in order to help ‘build stronger communities and better prepared to take advantage of their resources’ and generate welfare and better conditions for the conservation of biodiversity. ‘

One of the male killer whales that was spotted by Onca Exploraciones yesterday in Mazatlan. Photo: Courtesy Onca Exploraciones

In addition to being a tour operator, the company finances important research, education and conservation projects throughout the region, including environmental awareness campaigns and conservation education workshops in local schools and rural communities.

Photo: Courtesy Onca Explorations

Together with local stakeholders, universities, NGOs and government institutions, “he added,” we support efforts to monitor mega marine fauna (humpback whales, dolphins, sea lions, sea turtles, seabirds and sharks). ”

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