Mazatlan Mayor proposes rescuing abandoned houses and giving them to municipal workers.


Mazatlan.- Throughout the city, there are hundreds of uninhabited and neglected homes, which become a problem due to the accumulation of garbage, weeds and noxious fauna.

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Faced with the poor conditions of most of these houses, the City of Mazatlan is working on a project to rescue these properties, through a direct agreement with the federal and state governments, according to Mayor Luis Guillermo Benítez Torres.

The homes would be acquired from those who financed the construction projects at very low cost, they would undergo a rescue process and later grant them to municipal employees who do not have other options to acquire a decent home.

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“We are trying in some way to recover them, fix them and deliver them to the workers of the City who do not have a house … the truth is that there are many hundreds of houses, all of them are in very bad conditions; but it is easier and cheaper for workers to buy a house that will save them all a lot of money, “said the municipal president.

Benitez Torres added that forty days after the beginning of the current municipal administration, hard work has been done to rescue the city, despite the lack of resources for work.

He said that in addition to cleanliness in the colonies, efforts continue to detect those who are not complying with the payment of the services provided by the municipality, such as drinking water; besides continuing with the investigations in Jumapam, to end the network of corruption within the municipality.

“It’s part of the fight against corruption, the gang that was in production, the gang that was under construction, everywhere there were gangs, mafias to benefit them and benefit others,” he explained.

Finally, the mayor revealed that he has issued instructions so that the traffic police apply the pertinent sanctions to those who occupy places of parking for people with disabilities, as part of the order that is sought to be implemented throughout the city.

“Personally I went around several shopping centers and it is incredible that there are so many citizens who do not respect those spaces, there will be many fines in that,” he concluded.

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