Mazatlan loses lawsuit; Judge orders payment of 160 million pesos


Mazatlan .- Mayor Luis Guillermo Benitez Torres advanced the issue that will be addressed on Wednesday at the weekly conference “Facing the people.” 

The decision of a court that imposes on the Commune a sanction of more than 160 million pesos, as a result of a lawsuit inherited from previous administrations, in the case of the construction of a gas station that was closed in the Palos Prietos subdivision, so that the entrepreneurs filed a lawsuit.

On this situation, the municipal president said he will present a timetable with the explanation of the reasons why the city is being harmed, by decisions of former mayors and former municipal officials. 
“You know the origin, a former municipal president, then another one came who paid him and they made the consequences arrive, the decision of a court; but we continue defending and in due course we are going to revert to those responsible, who were public officials at the time, paying, “he responded to an express question from the media.

He said that there are legal arguments that can be used according to the Public Servants Responsibilities Law and the case would also reach the Superior Audit Office of the State at the time. 
“It would be a social sin that, because of the pride of some, or the tricks of others, the city pays more than 160 million pesos,” he concluded.

Note: The problem, however, is not entirely municipal. It began with a demand from neighbors of that sector who opposed the gas station, arguing the distance of 150 meters of a habitational zone, like that of the Malecon; The construction permit was expired for the businessman and he could not start the work, only an excavation was left in the place. 
And although the Mayor Luis Guillermo Benítez did not say the name, it was in the third administration of Alejandro Higuera Osuna when that demand was made against the City Council.

In 2016 already practically already knew that the City was going to cover that amount. The then-mayor Carlos Felton, a few months before leaving office, declared that the lawsuit was originated by a permit granted by the Alejandro Higuera Osuna administration to build a gas station behind the Banjército building, and where the guidelines of building permits, situation that caused disagreement with the neighbors and finally the closure of the project.

Source: RAS, Noroeste,

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