Mazatlan: Ecology & Environment sanctions restaurants for noise pollution


Mazatlan, Sinaloa.-   Through the direction of Ecology and Environment, an operation was implemented and also, according to citizen complaints, proceeded to the application of various fines to restaurants and bars of the Historic Center of Mazatlan for auditory contamination, declared Maria de Lourdes San Juan.

The municipal official said that in itself, Mazatlan is a very “scandalous” city and this is a subject that will be regulated little by little with the support of the entire population to have a better harmony.

“The fines in this case for noise have been made in the Plazuela Machado, we have several restaurants that have paid their fines, others have not paid and others have approached us; for example, in Lomas, neighbors complain about excessive noise because the local areas that we now find as bars and restaurants were formerly medical offices, “he said.

He specified that no business, restaurant or person has the right to annoy their neighbor with high levels of music; to do it, in the first instance a verbal warning is made and from there, it proceeds to the economic sanction.

Director of Ecology and Environment María de Lourdes San Juan

“You do not have the right to bother your neighbors if you exceed more than 50 or 55 decibels in noise, that is, we carry a device where we measure from the area where the report is made and if you go to that measurement, then You are subject first to a verbal warning and then to a fine, “he said.

He indicated that many of the complaints are also directed towards those who sell newspapers in the morning because they awaken people, however, all this is part of a culture that is going to start to generate in Mazatlan.

“I would really love that the guy from Tejano did not shout, that the newspaper at six in the morning did not wake me up, but it’s something that we have to do little by little, and in the case of pyrotechnics, that It is also a very important matter of the Mazatlecos, there are people who tell us; they are not going to regulate the pyrotechnics, it is not in our regulation to regulate it, “he said.

Finally, the director of Ecology and Environment clarified that as a government they are going to request that the pyrotechnics not be so “thunderous” for the sake of the animals, during the Carnival or the Festival of Light.

Source: Linea Directa

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