MIGRANT CARAVAN: They cheated us, our dream went to hell


Central Americans accuse People Without Borders of having profited from them and of taking them with deception to the border.

The American dream ended for many migrants. Even, without having started.

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Hundreds of Central Americans are waiting to return to their countries, and for some of them, People without Borders are responsible for their hopes and dream to end in Tijuana.

“People without Borders told us not to worry, that there was going to be transportation, that Mexico was going to open the gate so that we would not enter illegally, by the river, but that they would open the gates for us to enter legally.

“It was a trap what they offered the caravan of Honduran migrants because for me it is a trap. The people who brought us to this place, supposedly leaders, profited from us, used us in a horrible way, that has no name what they did to us, “said Ulises López, originally from Honduras.

“We came with encouragement, giving hope even to the one who did not want to move forward: we are going to get there’, they told us, but when we arrived here our dream went to hell, “he lamented.

For its part, People without Borders said that these types of complaints seek to “defame and even criminalize us.

” In the same way, this civil association separated itself from the attempt of illegal crossing of thousands of Central Americans to the United States last Sunday.

“You have people here, in conditions of misery, then you obviously have to react in a way, and make it clear that we never organized or encouraged them to do the march, but since it was on the way, we were observing, ensuring that Things were good, “said David Abud, representative of Pueblo Sin Fronteras.

For its part, the Federal Police called on migrants to respect the law and insisted that it will stop whoever is necessary.

“Those who break the order will have to be prosecuted under Mexican standards, whether they are called, organizations or not, natural persons, we have to comply with the law,” said Manelich Castilla, commissioner general of the Federal Police.

Pueblo Sin Fronteras denies accusations about deceit to Migrant Exodus

The organization People Without Borders s published today a statement in which reaffirm their work as human rights defenders and took the opportunity to deny the accusations that have been made to the organization these last weeks.

These days the public opinion of this organization has been affected by the tense atmosphere that exists in the country due to the passage of Migrant Exodus.

In the midst of the situation, People Without Borders have faced the accusations of Father Alejandro Solalinde , who accused them of deceiving the migrants and also denounced them for integrating criminals into the exodus to favor President Donald Trump.

After receiving hundreds of criticisms, People Without Borders took their Facebook account to deny such accusations.

They declared that these rumors are irresponsible and pose a risk to anyone who, by their own means, tries to help any social cause. They also consider that this type of misinformation endangers the lives of the same members of the Exodus.

Source:Milenio Noticias, Alma Paola Wong, Conexionmigrante 

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