Mazatlan Mayor again enforcing municipal laws


Mazatlan.- The Municipality, through Oficialía Mayor, suspended shortly after noon, an electric power generator of the ice rink of the entertainment center known as Recórcholis, located at the back of the Great Plaza

Resultado de imagen para pista de hielo gran plaza mazatlan

This procedure was carried out due to the order of the Eighth District Judge, before the lawsuit filed by neighbors of the fractionation adjacent to the shopping center, due to the annoyances generated by the intense noise emitted by the device, as well as effects on health.

Rafael Vinicio Parra Alanís, Deputy Director of Commerce, explained that the generator was emitting auditory contamination when registering up to 69 decibels, being that the limit allowed -according to the Official Mexican Standard- is 55 decibels.

He commented that, in previous dates, the Directorate of Ecology had come to the site to assess the situation and although he was exhorted to the manager of the place to solve the problem, and even proceeded to close the generator, continued ignoring this recommendation.

“We as a municipality are acting as a third party; However, we have to comply with the orders that the judge ordered, who ordered us to measure the decibels again and went very high, so we proceed to the suspension of this device, “he said.

He said that after paying the penalty imposed on him through Oficialía Mayor, and depending on the order of the judge if the company needs to start the generator, first, he must find a way to minimize the rumble.


The Mazatlan Post