Mazatlan: The Big Fish Tournament kicks off 2018


Óscar Pérez, Secretary of Tourism, formalizes the most weighed fishing tournament in Mexico

Mazatlan.- With the participation of 32 teams, the 2018 edition of the Big Fish 2018 Sports Fishing Tournament was opened last night. Today, at 06:00 hours, the tournament began. Lots of luck to the participants!


The event was formalized at Marina Mazatlan with the assistance of municipal, state and federal authorities. 
The Mazatlan sky was illuminated with the pyrotechnics that adorned the 2018 edition of the most sporty sports fishing tournament in Mexico, Big Fish of EL DEBATE de Mazatlan.

In this edition, the juicy award will be of 2 million pesos – divided into four categories: Sailfish, Marlin, Dorado, and Tuna – which will be sought by fishermen from several states, including the United States.

The war band of the Nautical School participated. Photo: Jorge Osuna


The manager of Sports Events of EL DEBATE, José Carlos López Tirado, was in charge of welcoming while highlighting the goodness of the event, the benevolent conditions and the juicy prizes in dispute, including cars and money.

The tournament was inaugurated last night. Photo: Jorge Osuna


The Secretary of Tourism, Óscar Pérez Barros, who was in charge of inaugurating the event, representing the state governor Quirino Ordaz Coppel, congratulated the organization of THE DEBATE for its “decided promotion to tourism” with this tournament, said, the entity serves a trigger and a projection platform.

The assistants could enjoy the exquisite food. Photo: Jorge Osuna

Today, the competition

The formal competition started on Saturday at 06:00 hours when, through the main judge, José Eduardo Audelo Yet, shot the light of flare to the sky and all the boats sailed, hopeful in a good fishing that, arrived the afternoon, can translate into a prize in your bag.

The event will end tomorrow once the second day starts at 06:00 hours.

The boats sailed from an early hour in search of the fattest fish. Photo: Jorge Osuna
Photo: Jorge Osuna

Source: El Debate, Big Fish 

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