Mazatlan: 40 police graduates enters the ranks of Public Security


Mazatlan, Sinaloa.- The new police are immediately integrated to reinforce the work of security and crime prevention in the city, said municipal president Luis Guillermo Benítez Torres.

Before the 40 agents just graduated from the State Institute of Criminal and Security Sciences of Sinaloa, stressed that the insecurity that is lived is serious and there is a deficit of elements. 

The mayor told them that they will have to do the work for 15, and that they will achieve it, because they are young people full of principles, values and are determined to transform the course of the country. 

Cadet Maritza Zavala, on behalf of her colleagues, thanked the training and says they are ready to work. Photo: Víctor Hugo Olivas
The mayor stressed that the agents are young and very well prepared to strengthen security in Mazatlan. Photo: Víctor Hugo Olivas

Bloods new

The incorporation of new blood to the corporation will reinforce the security in the municipality until the port is reinforced, promises the secretary of Public Security , Ricardo Olivo Cruz. “Today, the ranks of the Police have 240 liters of new blood, with these 40 agents prepared in the areas of prevention and investigation.” He promised the mayor at least to have a similar group every year in the corporation.

It aims to reduce the deficit and get to have 1,500 troops to shield the municipality of Mazatlan.


The Secretary of Public Safety exhorted the police elements to commit themselves with the citizenship to safeguard the integrity and security of the families of Buenos Aires. Give a noble, honest, transparent and with character to earn the trust of the Mazatlecos.

The cadet Maritza Zataráin Quintero, on behalf of her classmates, thanked the opportunity to prepare professionally for this laudable, difficult and dangerous career, which was full of sacrifices, but in that period the value, unity, and teaching were known, which will apply in your daily task.

Source: El debate

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