Mazatlan Mercado will have an investment of 9.7 million pesos


The works will start next week and it is the third phase of the regeneration project

Mazatlan, Sinaloa.- It will be from next week when the Pino Suarez market is again intervened as part of the third phase of the regeneration project. 

On this occasion, 9.7 million pesos will be invested and will cover both the craft area and the butchery and grocery store.

The changes

The project contemplates the change of the electrical interconnections, the change of drainage in the wet area in which the premises are located with sale of meats, chickens, and fish.

In addition, the floor will be changed, the rain gutter will be modernized, handrails will be installed on the stairs and the elevator will be put into operation in the gastronomic area.

It is an improvement not only to the image but also to the operating conditions of the supply center that turned 119 last May 5th.

Voices in favor

The tenants of the market declare themselves in favor of the works that are carried out, even though the first phase took more than a year to be completed. 

They are not works done to caprice, said one of the traders in the area, they are part of a comprehensive project that aims to make the operation of the building more efficient.

He mentioned that the construction company responsible for the project directed by the architect Jhonson Herick Gutiérrez. The same architect was in charge of the first and second stage of regeneration of the market and the so-called tourist corridor.

The Mazatlan Post