Mazatlan construction works on the Malecon proceed with one lane opening


The governor of the state announced that this weekend will open one of the lanes.

Mazatlan, Sinaloa.- The governor of the state, Quirino Ordaz Coppel, announced that this weekend will open one of the lanes of the Malecon to the flow; however, both lanes are still unfinished, with rubble, scattered construction material, wires and nails protruding from the sidewalks and countless details to be solved.  

The situation causes some of the traders in the area to doubt that the road is open today or tomorrow. 

In those conditions I do not think they open it, said one of the people in charge of the Palapa Mariscos El Muelle, while he saw how the crews of the workers were working to advance the work. 

On both sides of the avenue there was machinery, remains of rubble and material among the planters built on what were previously the ridges. In as much, gangs of workers work to forced march. 

At the intersection of Avenida Del Mar and Avenida Rotarismo there was a group of workers making cuts in the concrete. 

The clouds of dust rose all over the area as the sound of the reilete extended beyond the avenue.

Economic Damages

The merchants of the area are desolate. The branch of one of the international coffee chains was without a single customer, the same as a pizzeria and a supermarket

You can walk along the avenue and you will find all the businesses, said one of the palaperos in the area. He noted that the same situation they have lived for about a year. 

“We are resisting as we can, the weekends pick up a bit the sales with tourists who dare to skip the construction sites and reach the beaches.”  

And is that the first phase of the remodeling of the boardwalk followed a few weeks replacement of the pavement by hydraulic concrete.

However, the only incentive they have received from the state and municipal government is the cancellation of fees for garbage collection. 

There is no support agreement for the palaperos, more than that, they did not charge garbage collection, said a young worker at the coastal restaurants.   

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