Famous inventor Thomas Alva Edison was Mexican?


One version of the story points out that the inventor Thomas Alva Edison was Mexican and
that he was born in a town in Zacatecas.

Thomas Alva Edison was an inventor who revolutionized the way of life of humanity with his more than a thousand patents. Edison was a genius of his time who improved the bulb and who gave rise to automatic telegraphy and put the phone into operation and also gave us the opportunity to listen to the music through a phonograph. The man was a legend equal to the one that circulates about his birth and his Mexican origin.
The story about the Mexican origin of Edison tells that he was born in the town of Sombrerete in Zacatecas on February 18, 1848, and not in Milan, Ohio on February 11,
1847 as claimed.

The version that Thomas Alva Edison was Mexican states that he is the son of Samuel Alva Ixtlixóchitl, a mining engineer who came to Zacatecas from Pachuca an idea that is based on several letters that are said to exist in the General Archive of the Nation in where the inventor wrote to his family to tell his achievements. For more than a century other documents have been sought to support this idea and there are no records of the Civil Registry that can prove this idea since it was not customary at that time to register children and the only thing that could exist they are the parochial registries, which also disappeared, since in 1911 when the revolutionaries entered Sombrerete burned all the files of the Municipal Presidency, so there is no document that supports the birth of Edison in Zacatecas. However, the legend is sustained thanks to the book written in 1909 by Fray Angel de los Dolores Tiscareño about Our Lady of Refuge where Tomas Alva Edison is
mentioned and it is said that the inventor “was born in Zacatecas but was taken as a young man to the United States, his adoptive homeland.

Without further evidence about the story that Edison was Mexican, the idea has been left only in one more legend that is heard in the town of Sombrerete a place where you that is heard in the town of Sombrerete, a place where you can go in search of the house where the inventor was born or you can visit only to discover all the corners of this charming town and why not ask if anyone knows a little more about how the story was born that Edison was Mexican.

Source: Mexico Desconocido

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